Wednesday Night


I always do the same thing every year about this time.  I end up outside wearing a pair of shorts and no shoes or sandals.  The grass an the damp earth remind me that it’s not August any more.  I hurried up and went about my business cuz it was doggone cold on the bare feet.  I never learn.

It feels like mid-October already.  A big ol’ flock of Canada geese went overhead after supper.  I’m always amazed at how they all come together and then leave as one to go south.  It amazes me to see large flocks of them on picked corn or bean fields and watch them go about their business to cleaning it all up.

I hate how the farm land around here is turning into houses.  It whittles away a piece at a time to our legacy.


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18 thoughts on “Wednesday Night”

  1. Where do all the deer go? It is sad to watch development for what seems frivolous. I mean, how many stores do we really need? And the trees…often beautiful trees, old trees come down for another gas station or drug store. It is sad, Jim.

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  2. It was crazy to see how the town I grew up in changed from when I was a teenager to when we were back last time this February. Some spots remained farmland for such a long time that I thought the real-estate boom would not get to them. Until I was back in February. Houses everywhere… single houses, apartment blocks… you name it. And they are whining about a potential burst of the real-estate bubble… BS… if you can put up houses and apartments in such a number and ask for such amount of money for them then there is no bubble going to burst… It was such a shame seeing all those fields gone… I felt like there was no more air to breathe…

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