Monday Morning


It’s funny how it was only a few some months ago and I thought 52* (11C) was pretty warm.  Now it feels awfully cool.  Summer is definitely over now.  It makes me keep a closer eye on my weather app now.  Not for rain so I know when I don’t hafta water the garden but to see how cool each morning will be when I do the commute to work.  Yeh, it’s jacket weather now.  I’m gonna hafta check my day pack to make sure my cold weather gear is it there just in case. Kinda funny, huh?  Here it is the end of September and I’m already talking about cold weather gear.


5 thoughts on “Monday Morning

    • LOL. I hafta find a new set of ear covers. I bought a wonderful set when I was in Regensberg, Germany in December of 2010 and then proceeded to lose them a couple years ago. Ugh! why are they so hard to find? I guess I’ll hafta look on-line.

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