Sunday Morning


It’s grey and gloomy and cool here his morning.  Some rain was coming down but that stopped and it looks like it’s done for the day.  There’s a simple breakfast of cheese and baguette, some green grapes and of course my morning coffee.  I’d die without that.  well, maybe I wouldn’t exactly die but coffee drinkers know what I mean.

You can hear gunshots off in the distance.  Some guys are out duck and goose hunting on the remaining part of farmland between my place and the old town area.  I keep wondering how long it’s gonna be before the developers buy up the land and replace it with some more Minnesota mini mansions.  3,500 – 3,800 square feet, overly priced and built too damn quick.

Back to breakfast and coffee.


11 thoughts on “Sunday Morning

      1. portapatetcormagis

        I don’t mind two or three of them during the day.
        But I was just too lazy to make one so I had some water instead.
        The price for a lazy Sunday 😉

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