5 for Friday

1. I am so unmotivated to do any office work this morning.  I hafta light a fire under my tail and get going.  At least my connection from home is good.

2. So it’s finally Fall in central Minnesota.  Where is all of the pumpkin spice stuff?  I sure wish Milestone coffee would go back to their pumpkin spice coffee blend for this time of year.  Yayayayayaya, I can hear ya now but trust me when I say it was pretty doggone good.

3. Tomorrow is supposed to be a warm one around my neck of the Hundred Acre Wood.  Then it’s back to the usual late September weather.  Tomorrow I think will be a good day to paint the trim around the front door.

4. I’m getting anxious for some crisp air autumn breezes and seeing the maples and oaks showing off their new coats of colour.  The geese are already starting to bunch up.

5. I feel like making something special for supper tonight.  Maybe I can get some inspiration at the market later today.

OK, so there ya have it.  Feel free to comment and/or maybe even whisper a suggestive comment in my ear.