Fall 2016


Time to absorb reality and wrap my arms around a new season.  At least summer has gone out warm and with some rain.  I’ll convince myself that it will mean a long Fall for us.  Of course a long Fall means something that lasts to around Thanksgiving for us.  Knock on wood and fingers crossed.

So all I need now if for the weather to cooperate and maybe I can get out for some pics for something other than around my place.

Thursday Morning

Oh joy!  The network locked me out. I’m only caller number 50 in the wait queue.  I can’t wait to see the office wide panic. this creates since others are experiencing the same thing as they straggle in for the day. I’m gonna view it as free time where I get paid to do nothing except play on my iPad. 

So other than that one small technical glitch, we had a nice rain overnight and it’s still raining this morning. We cleaned out the last of the tomatoes and cleaned up the bed. All I have left there are some pepper plants that I will leave until it frosts. That word looks kinda funny now. “frost”. It’s been a while since I used that word. I got quite comfortable with not using it.