Tuesday Morning


The nights are cooling off nicely here.  I have to wear a jacket or my pull over fleece when I tramp off to work in the morning.  Oh what I would give to work out of the house on a permanent basis.  I’d save a ton of cash on petrol not to mention not having to order in or go out for lunch.  The downside would be Miss Lily always pestering me to feed her to include her knocking papers off of my desk to get my attention.

I can harvest all of my green onions this week to be followed by the last of my tomatoes. The green peppers are still hanging in there as is my sole remaining pumpkin.  I think I’ll go buy a couple pumpkins to throw in the bed and surprise the girls.  They will be mostly cleaned out soon enough.  I like this time of year but I hate seeing my garden starting to go away for another season.