Monday Morning


God, I hate Mondays.  It always means that my weekend went waaaaaaaaay too fast.  The only good thing about Mondays is I work from home on them.  Why couldn’t I have been born rich and good looking?  I deserve it.  I could be having a nice lunch at a nice cafe in Europe right now.  But Nooooooooooooo!

I have spiders by my front door and by my front doorway light.  Spiders.  Ick!  This means a trip to my store of dreams for some spray to keep them at bay.  There are a couple nice sized brown spiders hanging out there.  I really don’t want them in the house.  Miss Lily won’t kill them.  I think she’s afraid of spiders.  Big Boy won’t mess with them since they don’t look like anything he’s interested in eating.

So that’s added to my “Outdoor Chores” list of things to get done before it gets cold around here.  I have to get real motivated to finish up painting the trim around the last two doors.  One is done and is all ship shape in Bristol fashion.  I even motivated myself to replace the deadbolt lock that was frozen.  It’s never dull around here.