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  1. Ok, let’s see if I got this:
    Your senior management works with laptops that function as if a cat slept on it and then stirred around in the data and you are now supposed to glue it back together.
    The gummys meanwhile are going collect the papers the cat messed up, have them processed in your (old) laptop to hand them in to senior management (5+ years old), meanwhile they will wait until the colder weather dried your garden and then they (the gummys) will supervise you using the peas and beans to build them a formidable villa in a tree with Mach 6?

    Hope I decoded your message right.

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    • 1. Management needs to update our laptops.

      2. Miss Lily scattered papers that I had to pick up.

      3. Colder weather is on the way and my garden is winding down.

      4. I think it will be more of a platform versus a villa in a tree.


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  2. I used to leave suggestive comments for you back in the old place, but it seemed to cause too much of a stir amongst the harem girls, so now I just behave like the old granny that I am. Well except in my mind, but I won’t talk about that since this is a family site for some 😉

    What are you talking about “pea brain” ???? You are one of the most intelligent men in the twilight zone. You just pretend to be a pea brain. Of course you are a hooligan, but hooligans have to be intelligent to get away with all that they do.

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