Friday Night


This is one of the few remaining warm nights left for this year.  It was nice to sit by the fire and forget about the work week.  I’m going to have to get some more wood as the days will start turning cooler as will the nights.  I have to admit it will be nice to sit out in the crisp night air and sip  on a favorite beverage.

5 for Friday

1. One of these days senior management is gonna actually get a clue that 5+ year old notebooks actually do need to be replaced with newer stuff if they actually want work accomplished.  Until that day arrives, you get the production that the equipment that you provided allows.

2. My green bean garden is done for this season.  The plants are getting woody and the new beans are just plain tough and not good for eating.  I pulled all of the plants yesterday and I’m letting them dry out.  I’ll actually clean the bed tomorrow and start turning the soil to aerate it.  I’m really happy with the amount of produce that it gave me this year.  I’ll hopefully get a good crop next year as well.

3.  I have this idea percolating in my lil’ pea brain on how I can build the gummys a tree house next year.  I’m not sure who would have more fun with it; them or me.

4.  My Yahoo Weather account shows falling temps over the next 10 days.  I think our days of 80 degree weather are over.

5. Miss Lily is making me crazy this morning.  She was laying on top of some papers on the desk until she heard the cat feeder rotate.  Then it was all her tearing out at Mach 6 and papers flying everywhere.

There ya have it.  Feel free to comment, say “Hi” or leave suggestive comments if you want.