Something Alcoholic 🍸🍹

Hey! I’m gonna have to try this fairly soon. I have the booze. I’ll “wing” the metric conversions.

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Miss Bhukkad

Hello lovelies…. this one is for the Alcoholic in you… it’s my poison and my very own creation… it’s refreshing, awesome in taste & i bet you won’t be able to resist it!!


Here’s how you make it:-


Makes 6 glasses

2 kiwis

3 fresh oranges

Mint leaves

90ml rum

90ml vodka

90ml gin

Canned orange juice half litre

500ml soda

200 ml sprite

1 full lemon

Peel and slice the kiwis and put it in a bowl.

Peel the oranges and remove the skin of every slice of orange and cut into half and add to the bowl… take 7-8 slices of orange from it and crush them with your hand in the bowl of kiwis so it becomes juicy. Let the kiwi and the remaining pieces of orange be intact.

Add handful of mint leaves to it

Then add all the spirits listed above in…

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Random Thoughts for Thursday Morning


Something about the lights in the wee hours of the morning in downtown Minneapolis caught my eye this morning.  I took a quick snap using my iPad Mini.  It would have been mucher betterer if I had my camera and my tripod but they are at home and we make do with what you have, right?  I wonder if those snap on lenses for iPad and iPhone really work?  I wonder if it would work even tho I have a hard jacket cover for it?  Something to look in to and think about maybe.

I really have to do a much better job of getting organized for my morning commute.  Guess where my train pass is?  Yep, at home right where I left it in the slacks that I wore to work yesterday.  It will be a pricey error on my part since I had to pay train fair in and will have to do the same on the way home.

Oh wow!  My cell/mobile provider just sent me a text letting me know I can get a new smartphone.  All I have to do is enter into a new price agreement and I can walk away with a shiny new phone according to them.  So I ask myself:  Self, what’s wrong with your current phone besides absolutely “NOTHING”?  Yeh, I think I’ll be ignoring this text.  The delete button is a wonderful tool sometimes.

Let’s not relive yesterday at work any time soon.  It was a day to definitely forget.

Mmmmmm!  Coffee!  The elixir of life.  So OK, I think it’s time to wrap this post up and get about the business of actually doing some work today.

Feel free to comment or even leave a naughty limerick if you are so inclined.  🙂