Hump Day Morning


I really hate looking out my office window any more.  Yeh, it’s dirty and they didn’t clean it this year.  They had no intentions of cleaning it this year because we’re the last tenants that remain here.  You see they want to tear the building down next door, tear up the surface parking lot adjacent to it and put in a new hotel.  I can see why they want to do that given we’re one block from the new stadium and football fans travel.  Plus, Minneapolis will be hosting a Super Bowl in the near future, so it’s all about the almighty dollar.

I don’t care about all that.  I hate seeing them destroy perfectly good trees in order to make way for new stuff.  I even contacted the property managers to inquire if they would be willing to sell a couple of them so I could transplant them to my back yard.  They weren’t even interested in it.  It was too much hassle and paperwork as far as they were concerned.  They didn’t want to consider waiting for a tree transport service since they had a schedule to keep.  Once again the almighty dollar weighs supreme.

It’s depressing looking out and thinking all of the Fall colour that I’ve been seeing from them for the past 6 years is a thing of the past.  I keep my blinds closed a lot now.