Tuesday Night


There’s a light rain out there tonight.  A cold rain with a cool breeze passing by.  The deck feels cold on my bare feet when step out on it.  The season changed on me within hours.  I don’t need a calendar to tell me when Fall officially begins.  I knew something was up when I checked my garden before supper.  I can feel and sense the change. I can see how quickly my garden has changed in the past week.  It’s time.

I anticipate the colours starting to show fairly soon.  The geese are already flocking together and you can see large flocks of them bunched up in the sky.  The pass close by with their honking and wings flapping.  The corn and bean fields will be turning golden and will shine in the afternoon sun.  I would give almost anything to be on an open air tractor pulling a wagon across a field as a combine harvests the crops.  Life is pretty simple and easy when all you have to do is adjust the speed every now and then to keep up.

In the meanwhile I’ll have to be content with listening to the rain fall slowly from the sky and feel the cool breeze float in from outside.


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