Tuesday Afternoon


Normally I would have at least one other post put up here other than the quote or thought of the day.  Emphasis is placed on normally”.  Today isn’t “normal“.  In fact, it was down right coooooooool when I went to work in the wee hours of the morning.  Given the fact that Miss C likes to point out the advantages to living on “The Frozen Tundra“, I thought I would kinda sorta psyche myself up for the coming season by posting a pic of some of the local colour that we will be seeing soon enough.  This warm weather can’t hold out for much longer and I may as well start to go with the flow so to speak.


12 thoughts on “Tuesday Afternoon

  1. That Miss C must love you to want to help you embrace your environment like she does. She balances out your frozen tundra by posting blogs about the beach. You should check them out sometime hahaha. That IS a very pretty site . I miss color 😦

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