Lunch Time!


I aspire to be very good at macro photography shots just like a couple ladies that I follow here on WP.  I’d be happy if I were half as good as they are with these types of shot.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch …

It’s most definitely late summer here in central Minnesota.  Something is in the air because my left eye has been giving me more troubles than usual lately.  Ugh!  I so hate alergies. It’s irritated and I have patchy spots of blurred vision in it at times.  I usually just give them a good rest with minimal light and with a cool, damp warshcloth over them and I’ll usually good to go.  But that doesn’t work to well right now.

And I dunno why I don’t check my medicine cabinet ‘cuz I usually have all sorts of stuff.  Suddenly I remembers “Oh yeh, I have some eyedrops in there.”  Let’s just say eyedrops and me don’t necessarily get along too well.  I really, really hate anyone or anything messing with me eyes ever since I had problems with them during the summer of ’92 when I was in “The Box”.  My eyes are overly sensitive to bright light and touch now.

So here I am bottle in hand thinking that I could successfully put some drops in my eyes.  Yeh, right!  It went something like …

Let’s give this a go.

dribble, dribble and down my face.

Damn!  Try again.

dribble, dribble won my face.

Dammit!  Ugh!  C’mon!  Let’s get this right ya stupid, idjit @#!%^#!

dribble, dribble down my face.


I eventually actually got some in my eye.  It helped but it was kinda … messy.


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  1. I wore contacts for awhile, so I had to get used to putting stuff in my eyes. But really, the hardest thing to get used to was putting stuff up my nose. When I was young, I remember a few family members holding me down to get drops in my nose. Since then, I’ve used nasal sprays, but not for a long time. No, I don’t like putting stuff up my nose. I suppose that’s one of the reasons I’ve never tried cocaine. 🙂

    Achooooooo! Freaking ragweed. 🙂

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