5 Reasons Why Linda Should Treat Sauerkraut Like A God Or Something.

I can’t actually believe that I actually have to post this but hey, we guys have to stick together.  Where is Jason when I need him?  Oh well, let’s get on with the list:

1. He’s like protecting her from vicious and ferocious beaver attacks.  Oh yeh, that’s a very manly thing that he’s doing there.  I mean, c’mon Linda!  Give him credit for wanting to be Jedi-like.  I know he has a light saber and a speeder stashed somewhere.  Maybe even a flashlight too.

2.  He looks cool and manly in his hat.  That’s justification right there if you ask me.

3.  He thinks logically and outside the box.  He sees dangers from deranged rodents well before others do.

4.  He keeps up with Linda.  Hey, even she admitted that his stories are rivaling hers.  That’s a God-like talent for any man to keep up with a woman.

5.  He is like MacGyver with how he creates things out of nothing.  NOTHING I TELL YOU!  OMG!  What more could a woman want out of life?

Linda, you have a great catch.  You should do something crafty like make him a golden laurel for his head just like the Romans did for their Gods and Emperors.  I’m sure Ace Hardware has some golden fleck spray paint if you don’t have any real gold laying around.

Source:  https://talesfromthecabbagepatch.wordpress.com/



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