Sunday Morning


Dawn came up cool with a nice breeze in my neck of the Hundred Acre Wood.  The birds were singing, traffic was light and the nearest clouds were over Indiana or God only knows where.  The fragrance of fresh brewed coffee met me after I stirred my butt out of bed.  I poured a cup of the elixir of life and sat down to have some brie and bread.  I noticed I picked up the wrong kind of cheese yesterday.  Damn!

I eventually made my way out to my garden after getting all clean and sparkly and smelling good so I could tend to it.  It’s wearing out but it’s still hanging in there.  I watered each bed and tended to picking what was available to me this morning.  I ended up with a nice pail of stuff to clean and put away.

I have a Blue Jay or two hanging around my place.  I saw one of them briefly and he was resplendent with his blue coat.  I hung out my cracked corn bird feeder and it will hopefully entice him to come in a little closer to my place.  Maybe I’ll get some photos if I’m lucky.

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  1. That’s so nice. Actually, that is one of the reasons why I too wouldn’t mind returning to Italy, so we could have a vegetable garden where stuff actually grows and tastes nice! I remember when we had different types of lettuce and we could have a different tasting salad every day, with freshly picked tomatoes and peppers. Nothing beats growing your own veggies 🙂

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