Saturday Morning


Someone remind me to be careful with what I wish for.  The morning broke with clear skies and 14C temps.  That’s about 58F for those of us in the states if you really wanna know.  It made for some really good sleeping weather last night but it’s a bit brisk as I sit here sipping on my morning coffee and feeling the breeze come in thru the screen.  Yeh, I know what’s on the way and I may as well embrace it since I can’t change it or prevent it.

I spent some time last night rearranging my home office area in order to make room for a new printer.  There was some canning to do with tomatoes that I harvested this week.  I have to make a run to my store of dreams for some more floor tiles and a gallon of paint.  I have to check out what tarps are available while I’m there since I’ll need one of them too.  A cloth painters drop cloth would be nice to have too.

Lists never seem to end.  You get one thing done and it’s replace by a couple other things.


12 thoughts on “Saturday Morning

  1. Gotta leave you a “pling” since the like-button won’t load.
    Oh well, my internet connection drives me crazy recently! *Gna!*

    But your post on how busy you are getting, reminds me that there is a lot to do besides sneaking around in other peoples’ posts 😉 So thanks for the reminder!

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  2. The signs of change are upon us — cooler evenings and falling leaves. Well, in my neck of the woods, it’s still pretty muggy, but the leaves are falling, and oh how love the sound of walking through them. 😀

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