Random Thoughts for Thursday


It’s jacket cool out there this morning and I’m loving it.  It’s better that versus humid and buggy.

I thought I would slide over in front of the new stadium and get a pic of Zygi’s new Viking horn.  It makes me wonder just how much we paid for it.  I personally like it better with it all lit up versus the daylight version.  That’s kinda “ho hum” in the daylight in my humble opinion but hey that’s just me.

I’ve noticed that the corn and the soy beans are starting to turn colours here.  That may not sound like much to some people but it’s a definite sign that the seasons are starting to change here.  Harvest time is right around the corner.  My garden is starting to show signs that it’s playing out.

Hey, what do you know?  I have the band aids off of my two fingers.  I don’t need another weekend like this past one.  It was kinda painful.