Tuesday Evening


So it blew up a bit of a hooley last night and I spent the afternoon after work putting things back where they belong.  Then I ended up picking up enough sticks that Noah could start on a new ark if he wanted to.  I don’t care for this kind of weather.  It’s hot, humid, grey skies and it’s buggy.  Bugs.  Ick!

Yayayayayaya.  I know you’re wondering how I can be living in central Minnesota which is one of the Mosquito capitals of the world.  Well I’ll tell ya, I wonder that myself sometimes.  But not to worry because I have plenty of pictures taken last Spring and even though the crab apple tree blossoms are long gone but I can smell them when I close my eyes.

Now that’s kind of a good thought.

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Tuesday Morning


It’s raining this morning and it’s forecasted to rain all day.  That’s fine with me since I like rain anywho.  The down side to it will be me wanting to take a nap since I do love sleeping when it’s raining out there.  Let me get soaking wet on the way home.  This is one of them nice, warm summer rains and we don’t have many of them left for this year.  I’m fascinated with how the light shines and reflects off of the street and parking lots.  I’m fascinated how it all looks in the dark.  The pavement shines like silver.