Sunday Afternoon


My poor garden is showing obvious signs of wear and tear after a summer of producing veggies for me to put up.  The leaves are starting to change colours just like the soy beans are a couple miles away.  The weather is just about perfect for this time of year.  It’s nice sitting out here on the deck watching the gummys climb in my crab apple tree as a nice cool breeze comes.

The girls helped me slim down on my limb pile by helping me break up some branches.  We made a nice pile of sticks that will be the kindling to tonight’s fire.  It will be another nice night to sit out and enjoy the fire.  They’ll sleep good tonight.  All of this fresh, late summer air, climbing up and down the tree and then tonight’s fire is all good for them.

Sunday Morning


I love this time of year because the breeze is cool and the nights are great for sleeping.  I just open the window and air out the house overnight.  It makes for some great sleeping weather.  It also makes for some great cooking weather which usually results in more of me which I can definitely do without.  Oh well, it’s all give and take I suppose.

I’m gonna have to put some thought into how I can store some split wood for the pit.  It gets kinda pricey at $5.00 a bundle for split hardwood which lasts maybe 2 hours or so.  I really don’t need a full cord of wood much less have a place to store it; so I need to put some thought into how I can store maybe half or a third of a cord and keep it dry yet aired out as well.  We’ll put some thought into it and see what we come up with.

Here’s two WPs that you should take a look at if you haven’t already.  Give them a follow too!

Check out Miss Nancy’s WP if you haven’t already.  She is an excellent photographer.

You can swing over to Miss Anna’s WP and check her artwork out as well.  I like Miss Anna’s art even if I couldn’t draw a straight line with a ruler.

Boomkikkers in Nederland !!!

Check out Nancy’s WP.  She does excellent close up shots with her camera.

Nancy Mehuys Fotografie

Wat heb ik genoten van de boomkikkers in Nederland !! Wat een natuur ik ga volgende week zeker terug en in de toekomst nog meer…Ik heb er zoveel gezien wat ik zeker nog wil fotograferen maar 1 dag was wat weinig in mijn geval althans 🙂 Ze zijn 2 tot 3 cm groot en deze zijn met mijn macrolens genomen !! Ze verkleuren met de zon 🙂DSC_5454kopieblog





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