Friday Evening


I spent the afternoon after work building my fire pit.  I’m not worrying about 10,000 steps today because I know doggone well I got them going back and forth from the driveway to the backyard hauling blocks.  No dolly and no wheelbarrow means you carry them one at a time.  I swear I must have wore a path in the grass.  I should have at the very least.

I give it a couple weeks and the grass around it will be good as new and it will look like it’s been there for forever.  I’ll have to get a bag of marshmallows so the girls and I can break it in this weekend.  Just what I need in my body; a bunch of melted and gooey sugar.  What’s the down side to that cuz I just don’t see any.

Five for Friday


1. Dawn broke crisp and clear here this morning.  I had left the front window and my bedroom window open overnight and it made for some great sleeping.  The house was nice and fresh.  It’s great having the windows open to let in all of the fresh air.

2. I love the Friday before a long weekend.  Well, I was actually supposed to have today off but I had to make a concession so others could be off today.  It’s OK since I’m working from home today and my boss is off camping somewhere.  In fact, a lot of people that I work with are off today.  It should make for a real quiet work day.

3.  I have a delivery coming this afternoon.  Woo hoo!  I can finish the project that I started yesterday.  I figure I will need 2 – 3 hours to finish it once I start.  I’m so anal about small details and everything being just right and everything looking just right.  The plus up is it usually ends up looking great and lasting for a long time.  The downside is it takes a lot longer from start to finish versus what others take to do the same thing.

4. I’m going to be hearing the sounds of “pop, pop, pop“on Saturday mornings in the very near future.  Guys will be out duck hunting on the ponds south of me.  That will be another sure sign that Fall is upon me.  That and Starbucks apparently has it’s pumpkin spice latte out now.  I’m not a fan of Starbucks.

5. Check out DISHDESSERT at and give her a follow if you haven’t already starting following her.  OMG!  I’m always hungry after viewing her posts.

OK, there ya have it.  Feel free to comment and/or simply say “Hi!”