You would think that one would be smart enough to have a can or two of “Off” around their house if they live in Minnesota.  You only have stuff like the Zika virus and the West Nile virus to worry about when you live here.  Do I have a can???

Them skeeters are like ‘WHITE MEAT AND CORN FED!!!  BANZAI!!!

My Momma obviously raised a dummy.

Honey, I’m home!

Miss Lily wasn’t even interested in how my day went unless I fed her first.  Talk about rude.  OK, I suppose this chore is not gonna get done by itself.  I’m gonna work up my sexy Irish American blood and get after it.

Random Thoughts for Thursday Morning


I like the sound of the rails as they sing when a train is approaching.  I like the feeling that I get when it rushes past me only a few feet away.  I always wonder if and when it will jump off the tracks.  I like the blast of air when it rushes past me except for mid-January when it’s cold, cold, cold out there.  Yeh, I’m just strange I guess.

I have a chore to complete when I get home.  Then I have two outdoor chores to complete this long weekend.  Then I have a run to the Farmer’s Market on Saturday to do that will involve some canning afterwards.  Yeh, they were right to call it Labor Day weekend.  I’ll be laboring.  At least there’s college football starting this weekend.  That’s one reason why I like this time of year.

I really need to start to schedule one day a week to get out and away from mi casa to take some pics even if it’s only an hour or two.  The seasons are about to change and with it there should be some fabulous colour to explore and capture on electrons.  I’ll have to pack my thermos with some coffee.  That is if I can find my thermos back.

Time to psyche myself to get some training done.