Random Thoughts for Saturday


I just noticed that I forgot my usual “Five for Friday” post.  Ugh!  I hate it when I get that busy and things completely slip my mind.  I still have two major headaches left unresolved from yesterday.

I was going to go to the Farmer’s Market this morning but we’re rained out so far.  Normally I would go anywho but I have the gummy’s here and they didn’t bring their raincoats or their Wellies.  We did go to the feed and seed store yesterday so I could get some bird seed and they could see the bunnies, the hamsters, the guinea pigs and the kitties.

I’m loosing my one pumpkin that I’ve managed to grow.  Some critter took a bite out of the end.  That’s disappointing but I guess we’ll chalk it up as a learning experience and a challenge to find the cure for the future.

Yanno, it’s kinda nice sitting here drinking coffee as a late summer rain falls from the sky.  I really dread what’s coming in the next few weeks.  The end of August is rapidly approaching.


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