The first lesson in buying cabinet door knobs.

Make sure that the ones that you grab from the bin all match.  Just don’t assume that they will.



Good Bye August


I keep thinking this is Thursday when it’s actually Hump Day.  That’s kind of depressing when you sit back and actually think about it.  You’re mentally a day ahead but physically on time.  I’ve never heard anyone actually say “Yea me!  I get to work an extra day this week!”  I’d tell them to get their head examined if I ever heard it

So we say good bye to yet another month.  Where is the time going?  It seems like it was only yesterday that I was picking peas in my garden and wondering when I’d be picking some green beans.  The peas are long gone and the beans are still producing for now.   I’m a thinking my pumpkin plants are a no go this year but we’ll try again next year.  We’ll get it right one of these days.

It’s getting kind of cool out there at night now.  It’s good in as much as there are fewer bugs to contend with (ewww, bugs!) but it’s also kinda sorta sucks because what is coming our way.  My next outside project gets delivered Friday afternoon.  It will make the next few weeks a lot more enjoyable at night.

So back to my original topic because August is quickly fading away.  Am I even ready for September and the weather that it brings?  No but it’s not like I actually get a vote on it anywho.

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Random Thoughts for Tuesday Morning


I fired up my iPad when I got to the train platform this morning.  Some knothead left it on over the weekend and it was down to 3% power.  Crap!  Off it went … all by itself, go figure … and it went back in my bag.  My iPhone had a full charge at least and it had to do for the morning commute.  Damn that’s a small screen.  I think it’s time to move up to a much bigger screen when it’s upgrade time.  God, I hate getting older.

Oh and the train ride was interesting.  Lots of sleeping homeless people this morning.  Man was one guy sawing some logs while he slept.  Oh well, I suppose they need a place to sleep too and they weren’t bothering anyone.  I thought it was kinda funny while I sat there and listened to the snoring symphony around me.

College football starts this week!!  Woo hoo!!!

All my work is caught up, so it will be some catch up on training time this week.  I need the continuous learning points anywho.  Hopefully the phone won’t be ringing off the hook.

I almost tacked on a couple more outdoor chores to get done before I had the other ones done.  I had to remind myself that the new ones could wait until Spring if necessary and the other ones were more important for the upcoming seasons.  God I hate thinking about what’s coming in 2 months.

Maybe it’s just me but I love seeing all of the different flags that show up on my stats page.  No, I’m not going down that “numbers” road.  I’m really interested in who stops by and who they are.

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Monday Morning


The sun came up and there is dew everywhere outside.  Everything is just dripping with water right now do to the humidity in the air.  I know what it’s doing.  This is the last blast of summer weather before September weather starts to kick in.  There won’t be a whole lot of 80*+ temps left for us this year.  They will all start going down hill after Labor Day.

I have a few outdoor chores left for this year and most will have to wait for the humidity to drop so everything dries out.  That’s not making me too awfully happy.  I’d rather they be done before October rolls around.  Well, maybe I’ll get lucky.