Good Bye July


I hated August.  August meant Momma would be preparing us for the new school year.  That meant we had to going shopping with her.  That meant trying on new clothes and new shoes and then ultimately having to get a haircut before school started.

Packs of paper and new notebooks and pencils and scissors and glue went into paper bags with stern instructions to leave them alone since they were for school.  Then to top it all off, we had to go with her to register for the new school year and meet the nun that would be teaching our class that year.

God, that was all tough on a kid.  All I wanted to do was get in as much freedom and dirt and play time in while I could but what were you gonna do?  Escape the inevitable?  Nah.  Just try to get in as much as you can as the clock starts ticking down.

19 thoughts on “Good Bye July

    • I actually think an abbreviated summer is better anyway. I did the Spring and Winter semesters and would do the 8 week Summer semester when I was working on my degree. That just gave me August off and I think it worked out better that way. I didn’t brain dump everything and lose study habits for the shortened summer.


      • I have heard that shorter breaks are better for learning. My family did a lot during the summer, sail, swim, travel, visit family. With out that break, I would have far fewer memories. Of course if there are breaks thought the year, it might balance out.

        I’m going to nominate you for the 3 day quote challenge. That is one quote a day, plus nominating people to pass it on to. Hope you will take up the challenge.

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