Man, I should have bought that car.


Friday Evening


Day is ending and the stars are slowly coming out one by one.  I’m thinking about having another glass of wine since the first one tasted pretty damn good.  I’m still on a cello kick right now and the strains of music float into the shadows and attempt to fill empty spaces.  Once in a great while on a night like this I catch what appears to my mind to be the shadow of a person moving about.  I’m not worried.  I have an idea who it could be and they’ll do me no harm if they are who I think they are.

I lost my religion a long time ago but kept the spiritual part of it if that makes any sort of sense to anyone.  It makes sense to me and I suppose that’s all that matters.  I think that when certain stars align or if the mood of the house has the right mix then people who were important to me stop in to check on me.  Some people have said “OMG Jim, you believe in ghosts!”  Well yeh.  That and past lives as well.

That probably does make a whole lot of sense to a lot of people.  Back to sipping on some wine and listening to the cello play. It has a haunting and melancholy sound that stirs one’s soul.  Just close your eyes, relax and let it take you into the night.


Five for Friday

1. Is anyone other than me thinking the 2016 Presidential debates are going to be nothing less than a clown show?  Grab the popcorn and be prepared for some good laughs.

2. “No” I am not voting for Hillary.  “No” I am not voting for Trump.  I will apparently fall in to that so called category that’s labeled “Wasted Vote”.  I like how the right says Hillary is a liar and the left says “The Donald” is a racist.  Me?  All politicians are liars, thieves and crooks regardless of party and this nation would quickly capture 95% of our biggest criminals if we would simply put a large chain link fence are Washington DC.

3. Is this now a political post?  Let’s get off that subject.

4. It’s a busy, bust day at work.  Thank God I get to leave early today.

5. I need some alone time this weekend but I know that I won’t get it.