Evening Thoughts


Daylight is slipping in to night.  I should head off for bed but I’d rather to stay up for now.  I’m sitting here thinking of the cello player in Vienna and remembering that soft October night.  And I sat there and wondered just how many times the strains of Bach or Mozart or Strauss floated on the night air.  And then ..

What if I had been here before in another day in another time?  It’s so very familiar in my head.  The sights, the sounds, the “klop klop klop” of horse hooves on the cobblestones, the smell of tobacco smoke in the air and then a whiff of perfume.  I sat there and closed my eyes and could sense some previous experience trying to unfold.

Reality jogged me back to the here and now.  I left after leaving something for the cello player and thanking him for his music and wandered back to my hotel under a starlit Viennese night.

What if?


Thursday Evening


Something feels different in the air tonight.  We’re headed into August and I just have this sense that something is different.  Yeh, it’s cool out today and it’s trying to rain but that’s not it.  So we did a yard chore and watered the flowers out front.  We checked the garden and picked some green beans.  That’s life in the fast lane here.