Yeh, someone probably got all excited by the title.  Sorry to disappoint but I had to go for a short walk now that Chicago Avenue is open once again.  I had to check to see if my favorite restaurant had reopened.  It hadn’t and it’s closed for I dunno how long to be renovated.  Ugh!  But here are some pics that I snapped with my iPhone.

I had to Google what the sculpture was and I found out about it at:

Hope you can view.  I hope I didn’t pay for that.



Random Thoughts for Hump Day


I have some training to conduct and coordinate this morning and then I think I’m going to take a walk to check out Zygi’s new stadium that I’m helping to pay for.  I’m sure Zygi appreciates the new box seats that we had built just for him and his friends.  It makes me wonder where he’s going to land his jet helicopter tho.  It must be tough being part of the rich and famous.  Hey!  Why can’t I be one of Zygi’s friends?  I’m deserving!  I’m sure Jason is one of Zygi’s buddies.  Hell, Zygi is probably one of Jason’s followers.

I need to check and see if one of the restaurants has reopened.  There’s not too many selections for this part of downtown Minneapolis when it comes to lunch and brown bagging has gotten old.  The place was sold and the new owners didn’t have a liquor license in time when they were supposed to begin operations.  It’s open once again hopefully now that Chicago Avenue has reopened and Zygi is letting walk across his new plaza.

I have several friends who are very staunch Republicans and it’s kinda funny watching them do everything but choke on their own spit now that Hillary is the Dems candidate.  I’m like “Dude!  The world hasn’t come to an end.”  No, I am not happy with either party’s choice of candidate and I have the luxury of being a critical independent.

Back to morning coffee.