A thought for Monday




Random Thoughts for Monday Morning


It was a nice 5 day stretch of being at home and not having to do the regular commute to and from downtown Minneapolis.  It’s going to be a bit of a pain to actually have to go in tomorrow.  I shall endure.

In the meanwhile I’m working on my resume while my working is caught up.  A job has caught my eye.  I took this job originally with the understanding that there would be travel involved with it.  That flushed out 5 years ago and nothing else has interested me.  This other posting requires 50% travel.

I was sitting here looking at my office/spare bedroom walls and thinking “Yanno, you never did paint these walls like you said you were going to last winter.”  Maybe it’s something to do come October since I’m not on holiday this year.

No traveling this Fall.  No new sites to see, no new foods to try, no new wine to drink and no new pretty ladies to wink at.  Depressing.

Half of my strawberry jelly didn’t setup like it should.  I have the fix and will square that away later on today.  It will hopefully work.

Damn that was some good sweet corn that I fixed yesterday.  I have to clean out and defrost my freezer so I can put up some more stuff for winter.  Winter???   Brrrrr!  It even sounds cold when I type the word.