Sunday Evening


It’s not bad sitting outside tonight watching the sun go down.  There’s a nice cool breeze that passes thru every now and then and it carries the smells of someone’s BBQ with it.  It not sure what they’re cooking but it does smell good.  Most of the birds won’t hang out while I’ve got my happy tail sitting here.  My ever faithful chickadees on the other hand don’t seem to mind and they flit in and out as they come feed at the sunflower seed feeder.

I wish you were here to enjoy the breeze and watch the clouds turn various shades of blues and pinks as the sun sets.  No, it wouldn’t be too much trouble to make a pot of fresh coffee or a cup of tea.  Yeh, I have some beers and other cold drinks stashed away just in case you would prefer that instead.

It’s time just to sit back and while away the last few moments of daylight on a summer night.  Yeh, tomorrow is Monday.  Work can wait for now.  I’d rather enjoy your company right now.


Bread Day


It’s one of those days where I didn’t wanna get out of bed.  It felt so good laying there in between the sheets and not giving 2 cents worth of care for anything.  Then I looked at the clock and realized what time it was and I hopped my sorry tail out of that bed.

This is a bread baking day for me.  Usually I do it on Saturdays but I had the gummys visiting yesterday and we had the farmer’s market to go to, veggies to pick from my garden and then watch it rain while they watched some episodes from Disney Junior.  Later we had a chore in the yard which meant cutting the grass around the covers for my sprinkler system so they didn’t become overgrown with grass once again.  They discovered I had some slugs in a couple of the barrels and it fascinated them for quite a while.

So, I still have hot coffee as I sit here waiting from the bread dough to rise.  The awning is rolled out so it can dry out from yesterday’s rain plus to beat off the afternoon sun.  My strawberries are thawed and still in their containers.  I’ll have to quarter them up a separate what will go into the food mill and what I’ll leave in chunks.  It’s a strawberry jam making day as well.  I may as well make it.  Strawberry jam does go real well with fresh bread.