The one good thing about having a hunderty billionty channels of cable …


Is having that one channel that plays Johnny Carson reruns at night.  Those were some damn good shows.

Rain Out


Today was pretty much a rain out for me since a front moved in bringing rain with it.  I did get to the farmer’s market and picked up some amazing shallots and red onions to cook with.  Now I just actually have to cook with them before they spoil.  No worries.  I’m sure I can find something to use them in.

There was also some phenomenal looking flowers to look at and I considered them a steal at $6.00a bundle.  Picking up flowers for the house is just a habit that I picked up with my travels.  It brings some colour into my life when colour is sometimes missing.  It reminds me of the open air markets that I’ve visited in Europe and all of the colours of the rainbow that can be on display at them.

In the mean while I think it’s a hot buttered popcorn and movie night at home tonight.  Maybe I’ll treat myself with a root beer as well.