I sat out on my deck watching the stars come out tonight and soaking in some cooler air.  It’s a nice night in central Minnesota but it is a bit buggy.  The jets are flying in to MSP but it appears the incoming jets from the south are swinging around and landing with a western approach.  I was wondering why my house was quiet earlier tonight and now I know.

You can smell some wood smoke floating on the evening breeze.  Someone has a fire pit going somewhere.  Putting one in is now a project for next year.  Maybe this Fall if I can find some spare cash laying around.  Laying around.  That sounds kinda funny when I think of all of the days that I checked my car’s ashtray and in between couch cushions and wherever I could think of in search of even enough spare change to buy an ice cream cone for the girls.

It’s all good and it all worked out in the end.

The Martian


I know it’s fiction but I’m fascinated by this movie, how he works thru problems and how he continues to fight for survival against all odds.  It begs the question “What would you do if faced with similar circumstances?‘  And my answer so far is “I dunno.”  I’ve lost count of the number of times that I’ve watched this movie from beginning to end.

What would you do?  Any thoughts or comments?

Five for Friday

1. I normally do these with a pic of some kind but not today.  I’m being lazy instead and putting more importance on my morning coffee.

2. Speaking of morning coffee, I sure miss the Saturday and Sunday morning coffee group that we had when I was stationed in Turkey.  That was a lot of fun to get up to share some coffee and a few lousy jokes with each other.

3. Speaking of Turkey, now I’m hungry for some good kabob, some good chai and some good baklava.  I wonder if Ali and his wife still have their restaurant up on Snelling Avenue?  I wonder how this post title would look in Turkish.  Is “Cuma beş” correct?  Google Translate says it is but what do they know?  It’s been a long time since I’ve spoke any Turkish and all I really remember is how to count from 1 – 10 and a few phrases.  Such a pity.  It’s a pretty language.  The Turkish Air Force Sergeants wives always tried to help me with it.  They also tried to get me married to their sisters or cousins while they were at it.

4. I think this is a good weekend to make my first try at making strawberry jam.  I have enough berries picked and I’m only missing one ingredient.  I can pick that up at the market and give it all a go.

5.  I’m looking for some ideas for this coming Art Sunday.  I have a number of photos that I took of statues at the Louvre.  Maybe I’ll do some research on one of them.  Now I just have to make sure that I didn’t already post one of them on an earlier Art Sunday post.

Feel free to comment if you would like.