Who’s that good looking guy?


Why it’s Herky the Hawk in Iowa City.  Sonofagun!  He looks good in black, huh?

That  other person is some goofball tourist I think.

Fem för fredag


1. Thank God it’s Friday.  Happy dance time for everyone!

2. I get to go on a road trip this afternoon and I’ll be gone until Sunday.  I get to go down home and watch my cousin get married.  All I hafta say is “SUCKER!!!”

3.  One nasty problem from work is gone with another remaining.  we shall see what happens there but I am not optimistic.  There’s a couple jobs I think I will throw my hat in the ring for.  Maybe a change in scenery is what is needed.

4.  Yanno, it’s kinda cool out there for a mid-July even if it’s central Minnesota.

5.  While I’m thinking of it, I really, really miss fly fishing for trout.