Smooth Jazz Sunday Evening #71: Acoustic Alchemy – Angel Of The South


Sunday Afternoon


So the rain stopped while I was cutting some deck boards and everything started drying up fast in this heat.  I also picked up some free help and a bunch of boards went up on the deck.  We got a rhythm going with my revised technique and one went down quickly followed by another.  The next thing we knew all of them were down leaving only the ones that need an angle cut.  That could wait.  What was more important to me was to get the awning back working once again.

What I need right now is two things:

  1. A hot shower with a lotta soap.
  2. A Burger King Whopper.


A neat little addition to my Sunday morning.


It was loud and low and headed my way and I had to go outside to see what the hell it was.  Then all of a sudden my brain said “Hey dumby!  Grab your camera!”  Too bad I missed the best chances at shots but it’s all good.  You don’t get see these old war birds flying around very often.

Rain Out


I’m rained out today.  I’m rained out because I failed to check the weather forecast for today and for tomorrow and for the next next day.  Today is shot as an outside work day and all I can do is sit here with the door open listening to it rain as I drink my Sunday morning coffee.  Ugh!

Well, the water does bead up nicely doesn’t it?  Well, I’ll pre-cut 12 -16 deck boards so that’s out of the way at least.