Just so you know …




I’m beat.


Yeh, I had a some hiccups when I first started and I had to swap out one kind of hidden fasteners for a different kind; but we’re starting to move along now.  It’s interesting how my learning curve is starting to grow as I move along and from the trial and error thingee.  I also forgot how hot the deck gets in the midday summer sun  and it reminded me why I got a deck awning.  Seven more board and I can get that back up to cut back on that scorching sun.

That heat out there tore me up.  I must have drank a gallon of water and I was still slightly dehydrated.  I had to wonder just what possessed me to once again do a project like this in the middle of a central Minnesota summer.  And yeh, I have another big outdoor project waiting in the wings.  It’s all gonna look awesome when it’s all done.  That is if I don’t die first.