Gotan Project – Tango Santa Maria

I wonder if it’s true that you only have one true dance partner?  Hope you can view.


Cinco para el viernes

1. Yea!!!  The work week is over.  Next week is hopefully better.  Why are short work weeks really long work weeks?

2. Materials get delivered tomorrow afternoon so I can end up having a deck once again.  It will be so awesome to have a low, low maintenance deck instead of having something that I need to stain every two years.  And “Yeh” I got some new implements of destruction so I could do a proper install.

3. Miss Lily is all cheetoed and running around like she’s possessed.

4.  I miss trout fishing in the Black Hills of South Dakota.  Fishing in the middle of a creek was a nice way to cool off when it was hot outside.  That and listening to the elk bugle as the sun started to come up early on a Saturday morning.  Coyotes howling in the canyons was a different matter.

5. I did a quick tally on how much car repairs cost me in a week.  All I could think was “Well, there goes getting a new camera this year.”