5 New Useless Things About Me

1. God, I love hot buttered popcorn while I’m watching a movie or some public TV.  I’m fascinated with Nova and The American Experience.

2. I don’t usually drink any soda now unless it’s a 7&7 or a rum and Coke.  I drink apple juice instead.  I’m sure someone will tell me that it causes cancer and it’ll kill me some day.

3. I believe some people live multiple lives over time and there are some very old souls around us.

4. I miss living in western South Dakota.  I miss the solitude of the high plains and how the sun set in the evening.  I sure don’t miss the blizzards tho.

5.  I remember how us boys talked Momma into letting us sleep in our underwear during the summer since the house was so hot.  That was back before every other house had central air.  It’s also called “Prehistoric times” by my kids.

Random Thoughts for Wednesday Morning


Here it is not even 0630 and I’ve already had two … count em two … angry people in my office.  Let the games begin.  Yanno, I just had to look at em like “Have you lost your GD mind already this morning?”  I refrained from asking them that question tho.  I kinda sorta regret it even tho it was probably the polite thing to do and it damn near killed me being polite and all that.

Have you ever had this thought when you’re driving down the road and you see a car with only one working headlight:  “I wonder what they’re gonna do when the other one burns out?” Maybe it’s just me.

The coffee is fresh and hot like a sassy woman and my office door is closed.  It’s supposed to rain but it sure doesn’t look like it’s gonna happen.  I can get back on prep work on my deck when I get home if my luck holds.  I think I’ll stop by my store of dreams on my way home to pick up a quick square.  Gotta keep moving forward.

Is it time to get motivated and do some actual work now?  It is?  Crap!

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