A thought for you Friday party ladies




Fünf für Freitag


1. Jason Has his “Operation H” and I have my “Operation What-the-hell-was-I-thinking?“.  Yeh, that was what I was thinking last night when I started pulling 95% of the deck screws out of my decking last night.  Maybe I should rename it “Operation Watch-me-melt-in-the-central-Minnesota-summer-sun“.

2. My pumpkin vines are pruned back since I’m getting blossoms and man did a couple really bloom.  Hopefully I can get some pics of them before they disappear.

3. Nah, I’m not motivated to start work today.  I’ll get on that soon enough.  It’s monthly audit time and the results so far have been very disappointing.  My boss and I went round a tad yesterday when comparing my results to a higher level office audit.  I pointed out how their audit has multiple failures and false findings because they rely on a computer report versus actually digging into the files.  He aint happy with me.

4. Petey goes in for service after work and I’m going for an early supper while she’s getting her oil changed and tires rotated.

5. Happy Canada Day to our friends up north of us.

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