Random Thoughts for Tuesday Evening

Its been go, go, go since I got home from work and cores aren’t done at this writing.  I think I’ll just call it quits after watering my flowers out front.

The bunnies cleaned up the last of the pea pods that I put out for them.  They also turned up their noses at the vines that I pulled out of the bed and set up there for them.  Who woulda thunk that one?  Well, they’ll have to figure out something else to eat since I replanted and it’s gonna be 70 days (or hopefully sooner) before my second crop comes in.

I think I’ll put in three new garden beds next year and I think that I figured out their location.  Now the real question is it a smart thing to do?  I think I’m turning into an urban farmer.

A new project is pending delivery of materials.  It will look great once I get it done and save me a boatload of work later on down the road.  I wonder how much weight I’ll lose doing it.