Monday Night


It’s cool out there tonight.  It’s been cool all day now that I think about it.  I picked the last of the peas and surveyed the plants.  No more blossoms and the vines are starting to dry out.  They’re done for this season.  So we took what cold be harvested and pulled the plants.  We’ll do some clean up tomorrow or Wednesday and we’ll replant.  There should be plenty of time left and we should get a second harvest before a killing frost.

It’s kinda funny how I’m thinking that far ahead when summer just started.  It’s funny how I’m thinking about how I need to reorient the trellis’ so the plants get more sunlight.  Maybe I’ll put in a new 8 foot bed next year just for peas and push that angle.  I can reuse the trellis’ so they don’t go to waste.  It’s funny how my Air Force logistics brain thinks that far ahead.

Monday Morning


I’m totally unmotivated to work this morning.  Well, that’s not quite true.  I did some research but it wasn’t work related.  Nah, it was camera related and it had to do with curing lens creep on one of zoom lenses.  Good thing I had one of those rubber band wrist bracelets from the local high school.  Lens creep issue solved only the extra friction will take some getting used to.

Oh yeh, that and one of my bushy tail tree dwelling bird seed thieves is outsmarting me.  God, I hate that.  I hafta get motivated and do some actual work now.