Sunday Morning


It’s Sunday morning.  Rise and shine campers.  I’d offer you a fresh cup of coffee if you were here.  There’s some loose leaf tea that I could steep if you aren’t into a cuppa Joe.  There’s some brie and baguette and some fruit if you’re hungry.

The birds are busy at the feeder and chirping away.  My ever faithful Chickadees are flitting about on the deck furniture and they’re making Miss Lily a tad crazy.  She gave up since there’s this screen between them and her and there’s no way she could catch any of them; so she’s lazing on the ottoman soaking in some sunshine.

There’s lots to do today.  We’ve got another 45 minutes to goof off before it’s time to get on it but there’s always time for another cuppa coffee or tea.

Art Sunday #76: Pierre-Auguste Renoir – In Summer


In Summer (French: En été) is an 1868 oil-on-canvas painting by Pierre-Auguste Renoir, a portrait of Lise Tréhot aged about 20.

The painting measures 85 centimetres (33 in) by 59 centimetres (23 in) and is a half-length frontal portrait of a young woman, dressed informally, sitting on a chair beside a wall, possibly on a balcony, with greenery behind. The female figure is carefully finished, but the background is sketched out roughly with bold dashes of colour in broad brushstrokes suggesting sunlit foliage. A thin red hairband pulls her hair back from her face, with dark wavy tresses falling loosely over her shoulders and white bodice. The right strap of the bodice has fallen off her shoulder, creating a very deep neckline. She has a distant expression, gazing to the right of the viewer. Her bare arms lie in her lap, resting on a skirt with red and white stripes, with a few green leaves held in her right hand. The painting is signed “A. Renoir” on part of the chair to the lower left.