Saturday Night


The thunderstorm moved south of where my place is.  You can see it off in the southeast as the lightning from it lights up the night sky.  The light rolls across the prairies of central Minnesota as it dances towards Wisconsin.  They’ll get lucky and have some rain.  Me?  My sprinkler will go off on schedule and water everything for me.

The night air felt good as a soft breeze blows by.  It made me think of some other times with someone else.  I packed it all in and locked the door behind me.  Tomorrow is another day.

Saturday Afternoon


My plans for today were set upon their heels not because of the heat but because of the high winds.  All it will result in would be leaving streaks all over my windows which is not what I want if I’m gonna clean them.  No worries tho.  We have petrol for the power washer and we will try again tomorrow.

In the meanwhile we weeded the garden a bit and checked to make sure all is looking good.  I caught a glimpse of two bunnies up on the berm munching away on the pea pods that I had dumped up there.  It somehow makes me feel good knowing that there is food for a couple small animals.

So we’re stuck indoors for now watching some travel on Public TV.  The travel bug is biting hard once again.  Too bad my wallet won’t support it right now.