Friday Night


What’s that old saying about the best laid plans of mice and men?  Well, the evening breeze feels nice and cool and the grass feels good on my feet.  The south metro area isn’t known for lightning bugs but you see one twinkle every now and then.  It would be really, really cool if they would start thriving around this part of the Hundred Acre Wood.

5 for Friday


1. This has got to be the weekend that I wash windows.  I can’t believe that I’ve put this off for this long.  I need to motivate my sorry butt and get it done tomorrow.

2. I have to remind myself that I have a nice size garden and it is producing pretty well at this point.  That and I don’t want it to completely take over my backyard … for now.  However on a side note, one of the bunnies has discovered where I’m dumping the pea pods and the strawberry hulls.  It’s doing a nice job of cleaning up after me plus it’s getting some free chow.  That’s good karma for Casa Ghostty.

3. I usually stay out of the politics of other countries but I tend to wonder how the UK vote on leaving the EU is going to impact the EU.  Something tells me that the EU will be fine but you never know.  It will be interesting to read why people voted the way that they did.

4.  Trump!  Ugh!  Hillary?  OMG!  Come on now.  Is this REALLY the best that we can do?  I should move to Quebec and learn to speak French. Oo la la!

5.  I’m gonna light a fire under my butt and get some work done now.  No, really I am.