Tuesday Night


It’s a quiet night.  Had a little supper and grabbed my pail and went out to the garden.  It’s warm out there but there’s some cool breezes that pass thru every now and then.  The grass is lush and green and “Yes” it invited me to be barefoot to go walking thru it.  It feels nice and sift underfoot.  I dunno.  Maybe I’m just weird this way.  I hated wearing shoes in the summer when I was a kid and I really see no difference now other than I have a few more years under my belt.

You can hear the cardinals chirping away in the trees.  I have a couple males that are fighting for territory and access to the bird feeders.  It would be awesome if I could get some decent pictures of them this coming winter with their cardinal outlined against the grey skies.  Back to the task at hand.

I picked a couple nice handfuls of peas to pick and maybe half a cup of strawberries went in the pail as well.  It was nice to bring them inside, pod the peas and then hull the strawberries.  It all adds up a bit at a time.  The empty pea pods ended up dumped on the berm for the bunnies.  Hopefully they’ll keep cleaning them up for me.