Saturday Afternoon


The downside to knowing how to bake is every now and then I get a hankering for cinnamon buns.  I gotta admit the house smells pretty doggone good right now.

Random Thoughts for Saturday Morning


Mickey is starting to get lost in a jungle.  It tells me I have to get down in there and start pruning back some of the lower branches so the plants grow better.  It’s almost time to fertilize once again with that smelly fish fertilizer while I’m at it.  Ugh!  That stuff will kill ya with just the smell alone.

No, the CDs didn’t work very long with the Grackles.  They still look kinda cool spinning in the sunlight tho.  I’ll just leave them and figure out something else.

Gotta get all clean and sparklie and smelling good to go get groceries.  But first another cuppa coffee.

So much for planting large marigolds in with the smaller variety.  Now they’re blocking out the smaller ones.  I’m gonna have to do something about that today.

I managed to let in a big ol’ fly into my house when I came in from outdoors.  I’m making me crazy with it’s buzzing about.