Five for Friday


1. I have to admit that the lighting system inside the new stadium is pretty impressive in the dark.  The purple lights really stood out this morning when we got to the new stadium station and got off the train.  It will be interesting to see what it looks like once the plaza out front finally opens.  I’m sure the stadium management will light it all up for everyone to see.

2. We were supposed to have had several days of sun and no rain staring yesterday.  It looks like the weatherman lied to me.  Well, I should be able to at least get the house power warshed and the windows warshed as well.

3.  Speaking of windows, I found a company that can get parts to fix my bay window.  Yea!!!  It’s a lot cheaper to get it repaired versus having to replace it.

4. I ordered up some flowers for my step dad for Father’s Day.  I’m sure he’ll like them.  I think it’s a BBQ ribs and homemade coleslaw Sunday for me.

5. I kinda sorta got into it a bit yesterday with someone regarding Orlando.  I keep forgetting that I have way too many years of being in and around a military environment which governs my attitude and outlook on how to respond.  I really do get the level of fear, anger and anguish that people have right now.  Let’s just say that my reaction is very different from a number of people.