I am caught between two worlds.


Mac and Windows.  I prefer Mac since I find it so much easier to use; however, my desktop is still a Dell and it runs Windows.  Windows 7 mind you.  And “No” I did not want that Windows 10 upgrade even with it being a free download from Microsoft.  “Free”.  Yeh, right!  Nothing is free from Microsoft.

So I ran the dreaded Windows update and my Dell whirled and buzzed and restarted and did all of those suspicious things that Windows Update makes it do.   I must be paranoid cuz I think Bill Gates is making it his personal mission to install Windows 10 on my system.

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  1. I had to buy a new laptop a few weeks ago. It has Windows 10 on it. I love it. I don’t know what all the moaning and groaning is all about with people who have upgraded to it. Unless when you upgrade, they give ya the crap version LOL. I am too poor to get a Mac .
    As for it being Gate’s personal mission to force that Win 10 on you. Do you know , (I read this) that even people who shut off Window’s updates were still getting the Win 10 installed on their computers? I think that is why my old one kept screwing up. They were forcing it on me and my computer rebelled and would spit it out. 🙂

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    • one of the problems with an upgrade is the new OS requires a minimum processor speed, a mimum amount of existing storage on a hard drive and a minimum amount of RAM. it’s fine on the newer systems that have the new CPU chips and the required RAM plus you do a fresh install of the OS on a blank hard drive. it doesn’t always work on old systems that barely meet the minimums or meet the minimums but not by a whole lot. the new OS really taxes the older systems to keep up. No, I’ll just leave Windows 7 on it and call it a day. sooner or later it will die (probably later) and I’ll replace it with a new Mac desktop.

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