5 New Useless Things About Me


1. If I could be anywhere right now it would probably be ANYWHERE where my allergies are not screwing up my sinuses.  Since that’s more than likely not gonna happen, being in a German beer garden works for me instead.

2. I miss the camaraderie of being in the military.  I don’t miss the deployments and I especially don’t miss having to get all of those shots so they could deploy me.  I had a conversation with my boss today and we were telling stories about people we know in the AF 20 years ago.  It’s funny how I remembered their names.

3.  I’m an avid Public TV watcher and supporter.  My grands like watching cooking and travel shows with me.  They sometimes ask me if I’ve been somewhere that Rick Steves is showing on the tube.  Then they say they’ll go with me next time provided I have them back for swimming lessons the next day.

4.  I’m also a Doc Martin fan for those of you from the UK.  I never did get into Downton Abbey tho.  I am starting to get into Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries now.  OK, OK.  Essie Davis is easy on the eyes.  What can I say?

5. I’m hoping my sinuses don’t drown me in my sleep tonight.

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