Sunday Afternoon


It’s a good afternoon just to laze around and watch “An American in Paris” on the boob tube. The Gene Kelly and Leslie Caron dance scene by the Seine at night is amazing.  I wonder just how many times they practice that and just how many takes they had before they kept it.

There were a couple flybys since the local area appears to be starting to get ready for the 4th of July.  Maybe I’ll do a BBQ beef brisket this year for the 4th along with some homemade coleslaw if I can find a good recipe.

It’s time to start thinking about some supper around this place.

7 thoughts on “Sunday Afternoon

      • No formal recipe here. Well, here it is….


        1.a can of Dole crushed pineapple in HEAVY syrup. There’s ” In its own juice ” but this makes the salad very sour.
        2. Cabbage , cut in pieces ,coleslaw size. ( I use cheese grater )

        3. Carrots ( I use grater, too )

        4. raisins ( amount depends on you, but I like raisins , so I put a lot. ) You can add these to the salad, as is, or you can put them in a bowl of water for 1 hour, then drain.
        5. peanuts ( you can add them whole , if the peanuts are small sized, otherwise , cut them into smaller pieces…. a lot of work, I know.


        Toss all the ingredients together, then add mayonnaise.

        The amount of each ingredient depends on you…. but I think you have to use all the ingredients. That’s what makes my coleslaw delicious. ( in my opinion, lol )

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