Friday Night


It is hot and humid out there tonight.  They put out one of them breathing warnings given the humidity and other kaa-kaa in the air but I didn’t need that notice since my lungs were well ahead of them.  It tried to rain around 4ish this afternoon and we did get a brief downpour but not a whole lot else.  I love the way the Midwestern skies are painted with a kinda golden and then has an orange tint after a Spring or Summer rain.  I’ve always thought it made the skies unique.

My trip to the Apple store was a success given they fixed my keyboard backlight issue.  An added bonus to this success was there was no charge for the service, the troubleshooting and a quick repair.  Take that Dell and Cow-in-the-box.  All my trip cost me was some of my time, a few miles on my car and some patience.  My MacBook keeps on moving along like a tank.

5 For Friday


1. My blog is slowly growing by a follower or two at a time.  It always amazes me that someone clicks on that “Follow” button so they end up following some old guy in Minnesota.  But it’s all good and I get to meet some very interesting people in this world.

2. My garden is doing nicely since I added that smelly ass, organic mangled and smooshed up fish fertilizer to it.  I have a mess of pea pods that have came in.  I’m sure the gummys and I will be doing some picking later this month.

3. I’m in the market for a new laptop cooling pad.  I managed to pretty much break my last one thru a bit of carelessness on my part.

4. My brain has been kinda sorta stuck on a question that keeps popping in that grey matter between my ears:  How do you fight a troll?  No, I’m not talking about the Internet type troll.   Weird sh*t goes thru my head every now and then.

5. Miss Lily is really being obnoxious this morning.  She keeps insisting that she’s starving to death even tho I just fed her 30 minutes ago.